Brainstorming Keywords for Better Search Engine Results

In this issue of High Rankings Advisor (ish 145) there’s a great guest article by Leann Pass of Increase Ranking.

The article, Using Keywords That Provide Solutions, covers topics that I’ve discussed with clients in the past, and bring up when I put on search engine marketing seminars.

First, ranking well for a keyword is not always a good thing, especially if no one out there is searching for your keyword! (Think sinking the eight-ball in the wrong pocket.)

Secondly, when you’re brainstorming keyphrases, consider terms that represent:

  1. problems your prospects are suffering from
  2. benefits your products or services offer
  3. competition your product or service competes against (although be careful of copyright laws!)
  4. outcomes your prospects want to achieve

There’s also some interesting ramblings from Jill as well in Should You Chase Algorithms?

Rich Brooks
Playing Hard to Get with Algorithms