Suffering From Blogger Block? Here Are Some Good Antidotes

D. Keith Robinson offers a few quick tips on being a more productive blogger in his To-Done! blog.

One of his tips is:

Don’t fear failure. Through failure comes some of the most profound learning. Fear can really put a damper on being productive. I’ve found that it’s best just to keep moving forward and tackle the mistakes as they come. And they’ll come, regardless of how much time you spend worrying about them.

I think this would be a lot of help to some business bloggers who are overly concerned about how they might come off. (Alternatively, I can think of some bloggers who should have thought twice before hitting save.)

I’d also add one other tip. Although Keith mentions reading, I’d specifically say use a newsreader. If I can’t think of something to write about, a newsreader gets the juices flowing. If I feel I’m reading the same old blogs, I just open up NetNewsWire’s "Site Drawer" and pick up something new.

Rich Brooks
I’m in the Drawer!