TypePad Spellchecker: Stuck in the 90’s?

I’m working from home today, developing a seminar on Business Blogs that I’ll be performing at the Resource Hub here in Portland, Maine, on May 18th at noon. That means I’ll probably be posting every few hours or so as a new idea hits me.

Spelling is not my forté, so I always use the TypePad spell check before I publish.

Then I basically ignore it. I’m amazed by the words that it considers misspellings. For example:

  • online
  • blogger (sensing the competition?)
  • copywriting
  • login
  • TypePad (oh wait, it seems to know that one)
  • PayPal
  • forté
  • logout
  • blogosphere
  • #th (in other words, 18th, 5th, etc.)
  • flyte (I mean, come on!)

There are also a bunch of other ones that escape me right now. But "blogger"?? That just seems odd.

My wish: an "add to dictionary" function so I could actually catch the words that are wrong.

Rich Brooks
At Least My Name Is Spelled Correctly

2 Responses to “TypePad Spellchecker: Stuck in the 90’s?”

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