Google Rank and Your Bottom Line

I know I only posted a few minutes ago, but I just read a eye-popping article at Wired magazine about a study done on the importance of a good Google ranking.

Some highlights:

  • 97% of Google searchers don’t go past page 3
  • The first month a company appears on page 2 or 3 traffic increased an average of 500% from the previous month, and in the second month it increased 900%
  • In the first month unique visitors tripled when a company’s Web site went from page 2 to page 1, and doubled again in the 2nd month to a 600% increase from before the company cracked the top 10!

The article goes on to talk about pay-per-click search engine advertising, so it’s not entirely clear if all of these results are organic. (Organic listings are true "search results," not paid advertising that may appear on the first page.)

The article also doesn’t talk about the importance of knowing which search terms or "keywords" a business should concentrate on, and how this affects the findings. Still, the article is a wake-up call to anyone not concentrating on search engine optimization.

Read the article here: Googling the Bottom Line

Rich Brooks
Search Engine Marketing Connoisseur