Another day, another Web site…

Glendale_1Yesterday, shortly after I put up my first post, we launched a Web site for Glendale Adventist Medical Center’s Medical Staff Office. Sounds dry, I know, but it was actually pretty cool. We got to do a lot of backend programming to automate what the office staff does on a daily basis.

The office staff can create meetings and invite physicians by name or speciality through an admin we created. The nursing staff can quickly look up a physician’s privileges to make sure they are permitted to perform a surgery. ("Doctor! Put down that scalpel! That patient requires a quadruple-bypass surgery and you’re only cleared for double-bypass. Slowly walk away from the table…") Or something like that.

In addition, other hospitals can ask for "affiliation letters:" documentation proving that a physician is in good standing at Glendale. In the "old" days hospitals would mail the request and wait up to a month while the office staff spent countless hours putting together the info for these requests. Now, hospitals get the info instantaneously and there’s no work on the office staff’s part. Now that’s pretty cool!

This is the kind of site flyte wants to be doing more of: creating the self-service Web site. People visit sites to get information and take care of things. Sites that don’t allow for this level of interactivity are going the way of the dinosaur. (That means they’re going away.)

Rich Brooks,