How to Take Better Photos With Your Smartphone

207-Better-smartphone-photosWhere do we start in terms of taking better photos?

Almost every smartphone comes with a camera right now. It’s built in and then there’s the native camera app. So one thing if you’re interested in taking better pictures is upgrading that app to something else.

There are a few good apps and some basic photography techniques that can elevate your boring blurry selfies and out-of-focus food shots into minor masterpieces.

To learn how to take better pictures with your smart phone, check out the video.

How do we take better pictures with our smartphones?

Upgrade from your native camera app. While every phone has a built in camera, often there are downloadable apps with more features. One of the go to apps on the iPhone is Camera+, while on the Droid I’ve heard FV-5 recommended. These give you a bit more control.

Camera+ allows you to set the exposure of the picture separate from the focus. You can also set a stabilizer to get rid of the shakes.

Outside of an app, what tactics can we use?

  • Clean your lens (get rid of pocket dust bunnies)
  • Smart phones aren’t great in low light, so always try and make sure you have a natural light source. Avoid flash whenever possible.
  • Crop, don’t zoom
  • Step closer
  • Obey all traditional photography tips, like the rule of 3rds.

Anything we can do after the picture’s been taken?