Anonymous Apps: Whisper, Secret, and Yik Yak

Rich Brooks Talks Anonymous AppsWant to take some of the social out of social media? Want to share your deepest secrets with the world…anonymously? Then you may want to check out Whisper, Secret, and & Yik Yak, among others.

It had been a little while, but I was back on 207 the other day, talking about a category of apps that allow you to hide behind a veil of anonymity. 

While tools like Facebook and LinkedIn want to link profiles to real people, there is a popular movement to allow people to post and share without revealing their identity. In this session we look at three apps in this category, and talk about whether anonymous apps are a force of good or evil. 


Here's a brief synopsis of what Rob Caldwell and I discussed:

Let's first talk about Whisper. What's Whisper all about?

  • You can share or read other people's image-rich posts anonymously. 
  • You can share your location and find people locally or w/in certain groups. 
  • You have something you want to share, then Whisper will find appropriate images. 
  • People can like or reply to the post. 
  • People can also private message you. 
  • It's open to anyone so anyone can connect using it. 

Another popular anonymous tool is Secret…how is it similar and different?

  • Very similar to Whisper in that it's an anonymous posting tool. 
  • However, to get started, Secret asks you for your email and phone number. 
  • Then it wants to connect to FB. 
  • It shares secrets from friends and friends of friends w/you, but protects their anonymity. 
  • It claims to keep this all secret, but I have to admit, I was a lot less likely to share any truly personal or embarrassing info. 
  • There's no private messaging tool on Secret. 

Yik Yak: What is it, and why is it being banned in schools across the country?

  • It's like Twitter, but anonymous 
  • It's supposed to be for people 18 and up, but it's very popular on many campuses. 
  • It actually can't be used on high school campuses 
  • Being banned in more places.

What do you think about anonymous apps? Good or bad? And are there any you use that we should have covered? Let me know!

Rich Brooks
Can you keep a secret?