3 Key Places On Your Website that you are Forgetting to Optimize for Local SEO

3 Local SEO Tips

Ranking well on a local search is important. Here are three places on your website that you are forgetting about that will increase your Local SEO.

You know how important showing up in search results is for your business. When someone Googles you, your products, or your services, you want to be found by them.

You also know how showing up in local search results can drive local customers to your website and your location. If someone is looking for your services or products in your area, you want to show up in the “snack pack”: the local results that appear highlighted on the map at the top of the search results page. If done well, you can show up in the map and in the organic listings below it!

Local SEO search for dentist in Portland, Maine

We all hope people are looking specifically for us by name but more often, they are looking for our services in their area. They might use a general term, like “flowers” and not a business name, like “Jimbo’s Floral Emporium.”

This is where local search plays a HUGE role.

At this point, many businesses start claiming their Google my Business account, Facebook page and address, Yelp page and more. This is all very important but we keep seeing businesses overlook the updates they should make to their own site to be ready for local searches.

Here are three places on your site you should update to be ready for local search:

  1. Add a Google Map to Your Contact page – Just about every website has a contact page. Google has said that they like it when the contact page has a Google Map embedded on the page. Adding an interactive map for people looking for your location is super helpful to the user and very easy to do. Choose the Google map that points to your Google my business listing and you can customize the look and feel of that map. Once you have the map the way you want it to appear, you copy the embed code and drop it into your site.
  2. Include Your Location in Your Page Title – Your page title is in the code of your site and states what this page is about. It also shows up in search results pages. Most local searches have ‘thing/need, location’ (for example: ‘pet store Boston, Massachusetts’), so you should have your page title set up the same way.
  3. Don’t Forget Your Meta descriptions – Your meta description is a snippet of code that summarizes your page’s content. Not only does this help search engines, but it also shows up in the search results pages, too. This is a great place to add your location or phone number. Someone could get all the information they need before even clicking through to your website.To optimize your company to be found in local search, you need to update you NAP (name, address, and place) listings on local sites and directories, but don’t forget to update your website too!

Any other tips for ranking higher in local search? Let us know in the comments below!

2 Responses to “3 Key Places On Your Website that you are Forgetting to Optimize for Local SEO”

  1. Guy Willett

    Great article. It’s so easy to get carried away with all of the off-page optimisation for Local SEO like NAP data consistency and full directory submission without keeping in mind all the on-page administration to undertake.

  2. amanda_pants

    Thanks! Yes, we keep talking to new clients that are knee deep in off-site tactics but have neglected to update their own site.