12 Tips for Growing your eNewsletter Subscribers | Email Newsletter Marketing

A question I hear a lot is “how do I increase my email newsletter subscribers?” Building your email list may not seem as sexy as building your Twitter followers or Facebook fans, but it's even more important. Building your email list is always part of a great web marketing strategy. After all YOU own your email list you don't own your Facebook page. So, here are a few tips on how to build your email list…

  1. Create a subscribe box on your website.
  2. Create some sort of email bait. This can be anything from offering a gift, coupon or discount to offering an intelligent eBook or whitepaper that your audience would find valuable. Research what makes your audience tic and then create something that will make them take action.
  3. Let people know how many people are already subscribed – this gives the audience social proof as to why they should sign up. For instance you can say something like “join our list and become part of our 10,000+ subscribers.”
  4. Is there anyone subscribed to your eNewsletter that is really well known in the industry, or a news channel/journalist, or a national company? If so ask permission to promote your eNewsletter subscription using their name or logo.
  5. Promote your appreciation for their privacy. “We never share your email address!” This makes people feel more comfortable to subscribe.
  6. LinkedIn Allows you to add a link to 3 websites in your profile, make one of them your email newsletter sign up page
  7. Add a subscribe box to your Facebook welcome tab. We always recommend just asking for the “Like” on your Facebook landing page. But, once you've got that like default your audience to a Welcome Tab where you ask them to subscribe to your email newsletter.
  8. Add a link to your eNewsletter sign up page to your email signature – this one seems obvious but people still forget to put it there!
  9. Add a quote from a recognizable figure that subscribes to your email newsletter and promote it in the sign up box – Notice the above image of the feature box from the flyte blog we have a great quote from Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner.
  10. Use a feature box on your blog!
  11. Include an image in your subscribe box, feature box or sign up page -Images can make or break it! Find out more about how images affect conversions over at Social Triggers.com.
  12. Promote it within your blog post when appropriate. *Warning: Shameless eNewsletter promotion*Please sign up for our eNewsletter!