Gifts for Geeks

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207 Gifts for GeeksStill looking for that perfect holiday gift? Or just want to cash in that gift card you got? Here are some gifts for the geek on your list.

The other day I put aside my inner Grinch for a few minutes to come up with some “gifts for geeks” for a segment on 207, the evening news program here in Maine. 

Video game geeks, music geeks, comic geeks and technology geeks.

There are some cool stuff in here (hint, hint) which you can watch below or watch the segment at the 207 website

Video Games:

Far Cry 3: For Xbox, PS3 and PC, this has been one of the most well reviewed games all year. It’s rated M for Mature, so it’s not for everyone.

Wii U: It’s being pitched as the next great gaming console. Basically, it’s a mashup between a table and a traditional Nintendo game console. Games can flow from the TV to the console, or for certain games you can play with both.

Music Geeks:

Sonos: “Stream all the music on earth in every room.” That’s their tagline and it’s not too far from the truth. You can purchase different sized speakers for different rooms, or buy a stereo or speaker connector, or buy a bridge to create a wifi enabled sound all over your home. What’s great is you can control every speaker individually or in sync from your iPhone or Android device.

Comic Geek:

Powers: While I still love my Marvel Digital Comics which I mentioned last year, my favorite read this year has been Powers by Brian Michael Bendis. A buddy cop story set in a world with superheroes and the cops that have to deal with powers-related homicides.

The Walking Dead: Go back to the source material with the trade paperbacks of Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead Series.

Tech Geek:

It’s the season of the mini-tablet. The two hottest are probably the iPad mini or the Nexus 7 tablet.

Happy holidays!

Anything on your geek wish list this year? Let us know!

Rich Brooks


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