Can I Merge Two Facebook Pages into One?

Can you merge your Facebook fans to a new Facebook page?

The answer is yes. And, no.

Yes, you can merge duplicate Facebook pages so long as they represent the same thing. This makes sense as no one wants duplicate content or pages out there.

And, no, you can’t merge them into a brand new page with less fans.

When merging, the Facebook pages HAVE to be duplicates.

Meaning the name has to be the same if not very close to the original for it to be recognized by Facebook as a duplicate page that can be merged. If you have less than 100 fans you can change the name to match the other page and then merge the two pages. However, if you have more than 100 fans this is not an option. In rare cases where you have just over 100 fans, you could remove a few fans (maybe friends, so you can tell them what you are doing and they will re fan), in order to get below 100 fan mark and change the name.

But, for folks who want to merge two pages that have thousands of fans this is not a good option.

When merging two pages on Facebook the page with fewer fans is the one that will be eliminated. According to Facebook,

“Merging Pages combines all your likes and check-ins, but all other content from the Page with fewer likes, such as wall posts and photos, will be permanently deleted. The Page with fewer likes will be removed from Facebook and you will not be able to unmerge it.”

While currently the inability to merge your fans into any page you want may seem frustrating. Facebook has these rules in place for good reason. By monitoring what pages are allowed to be merged together, Facebook is able to eliminate (maybe not all together, but for the most part) instances of bait and switch schemes. For example, you decide to “like” a page about puppies. Puppies are a pretty easy thing to like. There isn’t much controversy there. And, the page owner knows this so they are promoting this puppy page and getting as many fans as possible. Then all of a sudden they merge the page into a page named “I hate “Fill in the blank” and all of a sudden you like a page that doesn’t represent you at all. As a fan of the page you will probably “unlike” the page and maybe never really trust a Facebook page again.

Have you been able to merge a Facebook page that did not have the same title? Share with us here!

Joan Woodbrey Crocker
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Photo Credit: WhatleyDude