Facebook Updates Admin Roles!! Finally!

Last week Facebook finally updated page admins rights by creating different roles. Originally if you wanted to allow someone to help you with your page you had to give them full access to the entire page. Now, you can give people just enough access to do the job they need to do while in the page.

For example, if you simply need someone to create ads for you, rather than giving them access to all parts of you page, you can simply give them access to your page ads and insights to look at how things are performing and for ideas on best ads.

The chart below provided by Facebook gives you a quick snapshot of what type of access each roll gets.

Only Managers have access to all activities including creating and managing other admins. Managing the different roles or assigning roles is quite simple.

1.  Go to “Edit Page”
2. “Manage Admins”
3.  And, select the proper role in the drop down next to that particular administrator.
4. Make sure you save changes

That’s it! This is a great way to feel a little more comfortable giving folks access to your page. Each employee can be in charge of a different role.

*Note – On the first day this was released I did hear feedback that certain roles were not working. It should be fixed now, but if that’s the case you can always give full access until it’s resolved or wait.

Joan Woodbrey Crocker
Facebook Manager

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