How Do I Get My Facebook Fans to Participate More on Our Page? 7 Great Posts

A common question I receive is “How do I get my Facebook fans to participate more on my page?” And, it’s a very good question. After all, if no one is sharing, commenting, liking or engaging with you in social media then you are missing out on everything that gives you any sort of benefit.

Here is a compilation of 7 blog posts that in my opinion give excellent examples of how to get people to participate with you on social media and really engage with your brand:

1. 12 Tips for Better Facebook Engagement: Give Them Something To Talk About
Okay, so I wrote this post as well, but I think it’s a really good summary of all the things that I used as a social media manager and we help our clients to implement that really get high engagement.

2. Want High Engagement on Facebook? Offer Coupons [STUDY]
Wildfire recently released a study regarding earned media and the types of campaigns you can run that will generate the most engagement… Coupons is #1. Keep in mind though there is a big difference between sharing and engaging. This is a good explanation of why you should create campaigns that do both. Check out the slides from the Wildfire Study.

3. Has Timeline Increased Engagement on Facebook?
This is a great article about how the new Timeline design has affected engagement. Big Tip here? If you haven’t made the switch over to the new format, you’ll want to optimize it now!

4. 10 Powerful Tips to Increase Fan Engagement on Facebook
This post looks at engagement from a more technical standpoint taking into consideration the day, time, structure, length and frequency of posts and its affect on engagement.

5. How to Measure your Facebook Engagement
What better way to know if you are actually increasing your engagement than measuring it? Well, here are some tips for measurement so that you are getting an accurate assessment.

6. 12 Top Community Managers Share Their Tips for Better Engagement
Mashable gathered tips from top community managers to help you boost activity on your social platforms — they’re grouped into various engagement-inducing “actions”.

7. What happens When Social Media Doesn’t Work
And, finally this last post is for all those that are doing social media right but STILL not getting the engagement or results they want.

How do you engage people on your Facebook page?


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