Facebook Offers are Here! Facebook Free Offers for Business Pages

We speculated a while back that Facebook may be rolling out Offers to all business pages and as of today it looks like Facebook offers are here! Offers are really Facebook’s way of taking advantage of the coupon craze. The set up of offers is super easy to use. Below is the tour from Facebook on how to use Facebook offers.

So, first off you find offers right in the same bar that you create all your other status updates. Circled below…

After you click on the “offer, event +” button you will get a drop down of options. Choose “Offer.”


They you will want to choose a great image. Make sure that you use an image that will stand out. You want it to fit well in the space provided, be bright and interesting. If you the offer is for a specific product the image should be of that product, if it’s for a particular service, it should be related to the service.


Like with any ad that you would create you want to make sure that you have a very clear, concise and clever headline that will draw your audiences attention.


Next fill in some of the offers details. When does the deal end? Is there an expiration date on the coupon? Etc.

Then share with your coworkers etc. so everyone knows about the offer.

When folks redeem your offer it’s very easy. They will see the offer in their news feed be able to click to redeem and then it will be sent directly to their email that is attached to their Facebook account. To learn more about how offers work, check out our blogpost “Facebook Offers Coming Soon! Facebook Marketing.”


Joan Woodbrey Crocker
Anyone seen a good deal?