Facebook Offers Coming Soon! Facebook Marketing

Facebook Offers is just one of the many new marketing products that Facebook has recently announced along with the new Facebook Timeline for business pages.

Currently Facebook offers are only available to  managed advertising clients of Facebook, meaning those businesses that have an advertising account and Facebook Rep. However, they have said they are looking to expand the number of pages eligible to post offers and expect to make offers available more broadly soon, which is great news!

So, what is a Facebook offer exactly?

A Facebook offer is a FREE marketing opportunity on Facebook. It’s a way for businesses and brands to offer discounts to their customers via posting an offer to their Facebook page. Offers work just like coupons. When someone clicks on the offer to claim it they will receive a direct email with the printable coupon that they can then take to a physical location to redeem. I’m not sure if you can use any of the offers online for discounts from websites yet, that’s something that we’ll need to explore once they become available. Below is an example of a Facebook Offer from the Facebook help page…

Another great thing about the new Facebook Offer is that they are very easy to create. See the steps below:

1. Go to your page
2. Go to the sharing tool at the top of your Timeline Page and click “offer”
3. Enter your headline – Facebook recommends that you do a strong offer, those with 20% or more off or Free have a better success rate. In the ad above the headline is “Get One Free Cupcake with Any Cupcake Purchase”
4. Set an Expiry date. Facebook gives you a calendar during set up so you can pick your date.
5. Upload an interesting image for your offer. This should be a good image of the product offered.
6. Hit Next
7. Now you need to set the terms and conditions of your offer. Remember, that simple easily understood offers are more likely to be used.
8. Click Post

It’s as simple as that. Now what happens to your offer once it’s created or what are the next steps that you should take?

  • First, promote your offer. You can do this by creating a sponsored story ad on Facebook. Also, you can pin it to the top of your timeline so that new visitors notice it. Share it with friends. Promote it the same way you would do with any other piece of content that’s important on Facebook.
  • Your offer will likely start showing up in your fans news feeds. This is most likely where they will click on the offer to redeem it. EdgeRank still applies here. If your friends are claiming this and there is a lot of interaction with the deal the more likely it is to show up in your/and friends’s news feeds. Also, people are more inclined to share deals with their friends than regular content.
  • Next, track it to see how well it’s performing. You can do this by hovering over the offer, it will show you how many people have claimed it
  • Set up a special offer code so you can track how many were actually redeemed. Or, you can tally them at the register.

As you can see the potential of this free Facebook Marketing tool is huge! Here’s hoping that they release it to all Facebook pages soon! For more info check out the Facebook Help page on Offers.

Joan Woodbrey Crocker
Can’t Wait for Facebook Offers


  • are you sure its free? it has the potential to be one of the greatest marketing strategies on the internet! thanks for this information, cant wait to actually see this on Facebook!

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