Facebook Interest Lists – What are Interest Lists and How Do I Use Them?

The best way to think of Facebook Interest Lists is a way of creating your own news feed. When you sign into Facebook your current News Feed is a compilation of your friends posts and updates from pages you’ve liked that Facebook deems important enough to show up using an algorithm called EdgeRank. However, sometimes we subscribe to others and follow pages because we want to keep up with all of the information. These groups are groups of interest. So, Facebook has created a way for us to create our own news feed by adding these particular individuals and pages into an interest list.

A few ideas of types of lists that you can create:

– Family
– Industry Experts
– Celebrities
– News/Journalists
– Sports Teams or pros

Once you’ve created these lists you can then click on the list to see all the news and updates for those added in one niche news feed.

Where do I find my interest lists? You can find your interest lists in the left column of your home page in Facebook. See them circled in red below…

Here’s how you create a list:

Step 1: Click “Add Interests” Under Interests in the Left Column of your home page on Facebook.


Step 2: Click Create List. Note that when you come to this page you will also have suggested interest lists that you can follow just by clicking subscribe. It’s always a good idea to see if there is another list that similar to what you are about to create that you can just subscribe to rather than recreating it.

Step 3. Once you’ve clicked “Create List” you will get a pop up window that has all the different subscriptions, pages, friends that you can choose from or you can type whatever you’d like into the search box. Once you’ve chosen all the folks you’d like to have in the particular interest list click “Next”.


Step 4. Once you’ve selected those that you want to add to the list a new window will show up asking you to name your new list. You will also notice it asks if you want the list to be seen publicly, friends only or only yourself. If you choose public this means that anyone on Facebook can subscribe to the list, if you choose Friends this means only your friends will be able to subscribe to the interest list you’ve created. And, if you choose just yourself it will be a private list just for yourself.  You will also notice that to the right you can see all the different subscriptions, pages and people you’ve added to the list. This is a quick check to make sure everything is good. If everything is all set, hit Done.

Step 5. Once you’ve hit done your interest list is finished. YOu will be brought immediately to the news feed of this particular list. See below…

Are you using interest lists yet? Do you find them helpful? Share your ideas with us on how to best use Facebook Interest Lists for marketing purposes.


Joan Woodbrey Crocker
Interested in Lists