The Best of 2011 from flyte new media: Most Popular Posts on the flyte blog, Maine SEO, and Florida SEO

This will be my third year in a row creating a “best of the year” post; feel free to check out posts from 2010 and 2009, too.

This year, I’ve done the best at flyte: from our flyte blog, Maine SEO blog, and Florida SEO blog. Go ahead and browse the archives; enjoy!

flyte blog

  1. 50 – Count ’em, 50! – Creative Uses of QR Codes
  2. Print Keynote Handouts Like PowerPoint
  3. Post to your Facebook Business Page as you…and more!
  4. What is a QR Code? What is QR Code Marketing?
  5. What is a Facebook Landing Page and Why Do I Need One?

Maine SEO

  1. What is a Good Bounce Rate in Google Analytics?
  2. Facebook Fun | What Was Your Status Update On This Day Last Year?
  3. Can I create a Facebook Business Account (or Fan Page) without a Personal Account?
  4. How to Like a Facebook Fan Page…as a Fan Page
  5. Allowing Pingbacks and Trackbacks on your blog: Is there any value back?

Florida SEO

  1. Alt Tags vs. Title Tags for Images in WordPress: What’s the difference?
  2. The Top 5 Most Liked Pages on Facebook and What We Can Learn From Them
  3. How Long Will It Take to See Results from Search Engine Optimization?
  4. How to Decrease Your Bounce Rate in Google Analytics
  5. Welcome the Newest Member to flyte new media: Joan Woodbrey Crocker!

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