How to Setup Your Google+ Business Page in Under 3 Minutes

Google+ Logo (Google Plus Logo)Google Plus recently opened up its platform for businesses. Here’s how you can get started with your own page.

Yesterday I created a Google+ page for flyte. I turned on ScreenFlow, my favorite screen capture tool for the mac and created the following video.

Thanks to some fancy editing, some enhanced typing skills, and a trough full of Red Bull, I created this video that will show you in less than 3 minutes how to setup your own Google+ business page.

You can watch it below or check out How to Create a Google+ Business Page in Under 3 Minutes on YouTube.

In the video I show you:

  • how to create your page
  • how to upload photos
  • how to upload videos
  • how to share content on your page
  • how to promote your page
  • how to add people to your page’s circles

One thing I didn’t include is how to switch from your personal Google+ account to your business’s, so here’s where you do that:

Switch Between Pages in Google+

More info coming soon, so make sure you check out flyte’s page on Google+ and please add us to your circles!

Rich Brooks
I Type Wicked Fast

  • That is really awesome and useful. I like it and thank you for sharing precious knowledge to us.

  • Thanks for the article. Have you tried to re login to your Google+ Business account? It is almost impossible. 

    I spent like 3 hours this morning not being able to figure out how to re login. 

    Anyway, when I did figure it out I wrote an article about it. Check it out and feel free to use the visual assets. 

    Re-login to Google+ Pages:

  • Great post, it will be great help in making business page.

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    Very good post. i found exactly what I needed.
    Thanks a lot.

  • TheRich,
    I have various Picasa albums a couple of which are connected to my personal google+ page. Do you know how to link to personal Picasa albums from my google+ biz page?
    Bonus points available!!

  • While I wish I could claim those bonus points, I’m not sure if that’s possible. Have you tried adding them the same way you did to your personal account?

  • Thank you so much for this!  Hopefully they integrate YouTube pages in Google+ soon.  This will make it a lot easier for me to help people out with their new android smartphones 🙂