Facebook Privacy Changes | Finally a Proactive Approach

No need to reinvent the wheel here.  I wanted to point out a couple great posts over at Mashable about the new privacy changes Facebook will be rolling out.

Facebook privacy is always such a great concern.  I get asked questions from friends, family members, clients and acquaintances all the time about privacy issues within Facebook. For some of us we are totally comfortable sharing information about ourselves, our friends, our family and our day to day activities.  For others that isn’t so natural.  With these new privacy changes Facebook is helping those that are online simply to share with only a small group of friends the security blanket they’ve been asking for.

Check out  Facebook Makes Massive Privacy & Tagging Changes [PICS] and Facebook’s Big Privacy Changes: An Overview two great articles from Mashable that highlight the Facebook privacy changes.

For instance: “The biggest change to profile privacy controls though is the addition to tag reviews. O’Neill told Mashable that users wanted greater control over who tagged them and how those tags appeared on their profiles. Users will now be able to approve or reject tags before they become visible to anybody else. This includes photos, locations and posts.”

And, my favorite, the ability to see your profile as someone else would see it by typing in their name in a field in the upper right hand corner of your profile.  This option is great if you want to make sure that your settings are correct for individual groups and people.

Tell us what you think about the privacy changes.

Joan Woodbrey Crocker
Privacy is Not a Passing Fad

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