Facebook and Skype = Happily Ever After for Video Chat

If you remember a while back I posted about the marriage between Facebook and Skype. Well, now Facebook Video Chat has finally rolled out! I tested it out today with a friend and it works great. It’s very clean and works pretty much just like Skype only it opens up on your Facebook screen.

So, there are two ways that you can video chat:

1. First, go to the profile page of the friend that you are looking to video chat with.  Then you can click on the video chat icon found at the top right hand corner of their page.


2. Or you can open up chat, just like you are going to send a text message and video chat from there.  You will notice that there is now a video icon at the top of the chat box.  This is also a great way to shoot a quick text to your friend to ask if they are available for a video chat.


Once you’ve clicked on the video chat icon, a  pop up will appear showing you that you are calling your Facebook contact. (Note: if someone is calling you, you will hear ringing and see a pop up on your end giving you the option to accept or decline.)

Once the person on the other end accepts the incoming call, you will see a screen pop up, of the video image.  You can see the small image of me up in the corner and when I chat it gets a little bit bigger.  It essentially works just like regular Skype.


If she hadn’t of answered I would have gotten this message below.  Which is pretty neat, considering it will allow me to record a video message to be delivered once she is available.

So, there you have it.  It’s very simple. In fact anyone can do it.  I think it’s a fabulous tool for video chat, since all of your friends are already on Facebook anyway, it eliminates the hassle of going to another platform and trying to search for those same people.

One thing to note:  If it’s your first video chat on Facebook there will be a couple extra steps.  You first have to allow Facebook to have access to your microphone and camera.  You can do this by simply clicking allow and then checking off remember for later, so that you don’t have to do it every time.  Then you have to wait few seconds while it starts it up.  That’s it!

Special thanks to Megan for being my guinea pig and allowing me to post her pics on the blog!!

Joan Woodbrey Crocker
Video Chat Enthusiast