6 Creative (and Easy!) Ways to Create Content

You already know that you should be blogging (or at least you do now), or at least creating content somehow. But sometimes, it might feel like you’re posting the same kind of blogposts over and over. Never fear, my friends, there are some fun and easy ways to spice up your content creation.

1. Videos

It’s all about video right now. [Rich recently created a few killer blogposts about video (like Killer YouTube Tactics For Your Business and What Kind of YouTube Channel Should You Have?) so make sure you check them out!]

A video doesn’t have to be long (short and sweet is actually better), and it doesn’t have to be a big production. Here at flyte, we create everything from talking head videos with screenshots to videos shot with an iPhone. The bonus for video is that it’s often far more engaging than plain old text.

2. Pictures

One of our clients, J&E Riggin, posts nothing but images on Wednesdays, a day they’ve coined Wordless Wednesdays. There, they’ll share gorgeous photos from their trips out at sea.

For a little more SEO value, it’s helpful to include some copy around the image and even alt tags. However, from a pure content standpoint, a day where you simply post a photo is brilliant. What an easy way to create content!

3. Mashups

Mashups are one of my favorite rainy day blogpost ideas. Be they a culmination of posts over time or a resource list, mashups are a quick, easy way to put content together without having to reinvent the wheel.

4. Dear Abby posts

Whether someone actually asked you the question or you make up your own, Dear Abby posts are a great way to spice up your content a little. In every industry, we all get asked the same questions time and time again; here’s the perfect opportunity to put those questions to good use!

5. Interviews

Whether it’s someone local (like a customer) or an important person in your niche, interviews are great for a number of reasons. Not only are they an interesting way to create fresh content, but it also adds a fresh, new voice to your blog.

6. Recaps or Live Blogging

Some of the most retweeted posts have been from pseudo live blogging. I took notes I would’ve created anyway and simply put them online. Take it a step further my adding your own .02 and spinning off from what you learned!

What ways do you add interesting content to your blog?

Nicki Hicks
Outletting creatively one post at a time