A Day in the Life of Search: Aprils Fools Day Pranks 2010

Search geeks are a witty crew. Google is infamous for its April Fools Day pranks, but today SEOs alike have joined the fun.

Here are just a few of the pranks around the Interwebs today:

SEOmoz doubles as RustyBrick.

seomoz rustybrick

Google changes its name to Topeka.

google topeka

Search Engine Roundtable has the best selection of round tables, guaranteed.

se rountable

Google Maps offers street view in 3D.

google maps 3d

Store literally anything at Google Docseven your house keys.

Watch YouTube videos in text-only (TEXTp).

Google is now in the jailing business.

Google buys ProBlogger.

There’s a ton more over at Search Engine Land.

Nicki Hicks
April Fools!