Is Google Too Suggestive?

In May, Google announced they’d be adding more to the “Suggest” function. Up until now, I hadn’t noticed; but perhaps that’s because I rarely search from

Yesterday, I found it helpful:

google suggest links

However, if, as Search Engine Land suggests, there will be AdWords included Suggest, I can only imagine this space will be overcrowded in no time.

That begs the question…

Isn’t less more?

Time and time again, seemingly simplistic interfaces seem to become complicated. Look at Facebook and Twitter…

Facebook added a news feed, which has more recently become a real time news feed. Certainly, there are reasons for such changes; but at a certain point is evolving for just evolution’s sake?

Twitter recently added a retweet function from its website. Seemingly helpful, it’s done nothing other than muddle up the simplistic interface they had going. This function, in particular, received nothing but bad reviews.

Certainly Google couldn’t be the next monopoly to be pressured to overcrowd in an effort to be cutting edge. Dearest Google, simple is good. Simple is why you are king.

Fortunately, more often than not, Google will test ideas relentlessly before they leave Labs. But it’s something to think about.

Nicki Hicks
Website minimalist

  • Nicki, great article and a whole-hearted Amen-to-That! I do miss the simple Facebook, they had to make decisions about how to grow and I think they just never thought it would get so huge…

    Just like in music, I usually think the artist is truest to his/her muse in their first couple of trips to the studio.

    I love Google suggest, however, especially when I’m really trying to figure out what words would get the best results. As long as you don’t let it limit you, I think it’s helpful.

    I’m so curious as to what search you do use…? Or is this an Ancient Chinese Secret of the SEO Maven of Portland, Maine?

  • Carolyn,

    Thanks for the comment – you’ve got some great insight, lady!

    Oh no, no secrets here – usually I just pop things into the Google search box in my browser, that’s all 🙂