Twitter Marketing Tactics #smx

Chris Winfield, President, 10e20, LLC

  • There are no rules in Twitter and more importantly, what works for one company won’t work for another (e.g. customer service goals vs. sales goals)
  • What would it take to tap into your market?

Chris is going to use questions he posed on Twitter last week (#smxpreso) to run his presentation…

How do you define ‘marketing’ on Twitter?

  • About relationship marketing. Long term (months/years) steady return on your efforts. Some spikes, not many – @BrentDPayne
  • Reaching out and building relationships & engaging in knowledge sharing – @martinbowling
  • Anything that gets users from twitter to convert without pissing people off in the process – @kennyhyder
  • Don’t do marketing on Twitter. Have a conversation and earn the trust of people  – not fast enough to snag this one!

There’s a lot of spam on Twitter. But what’s the worst form of it? Why?

  • Trending topic spam, especially on the local level. Totally ruins the most interesting part of the twitter data graph – @ddn
  • “Want to join my mafia” That’s the worst IMO cuz it never ends and comes from random people so it’s hard to block – @Bukowsky
  • Spam that steals login credentials and mass-spams all your followers, like several friends experienced last week – @audette
  • Depending on who you represent, porn accounts following you can damage credibility.  Be diligent in blocking – @DavidWallace
  • False tagging and irrelevant links in hidden short URLs – @TimDineen
  • DM spam. That’s the sacred column of Tweetdeck for me – @MatthewJBrown
  • Auto-DM after following someone…usually entails a horrible pitch of some service – @SearchBuzz

How are you leveraging Twitter to help get you more links & traffic to your sites/blogs?

  • Getting more links and traffic by spreading message via useful and interesting stuff and communicating – @fantomaster
  • Use Twitter as RSS feed that I can interact with my followers and using keyword searches the find related writers to connect with – @goodroi
  • Mixing conversation with links. if you just use an account to push content, people will stop listening – @katemorris

Are #hastags important? How do you use them?

  • I use hashtags both when searching and most importantly during events like #smx and #thinkvisibility – @yoast
  • Hashtags help in structuring tweet content and making it easier to find. They’re also great for establishing authority. – @fantomaster

Is Twitter’s ‘real-time search’ really a threat to Google? Why or why not?

  • For sure! I rarely use Google for products, teach help, or any recommendation really. I just tweet and get answer – @BrentDPayne
  • People don’t search Twitter unless it’s for something someone said, we still use (85%) Google. – @steveplunkett
  • Greasemonkey scriptes overlays twitter results with googles. Facebook is more likely to be a threat. – @SEOSEM
  • Yes. Google can’t yet provide info on live/current events. Twitter often becomes the first-try search engine – @TimDineen
  • Twitter is a threat to Google bc it takes the convo offline FAST, leading to less content creation – @johnandrews

How would you convince a company (in 140 char or less) that Twitter isn’t a waste of time?

  • Twitter can easily connect you to influencers in any disciple. Unlike Facebook, poeple see what you tweet @ them – @Tamar
  • I already convinced by company & we have built up over 21K targeted followers. My boss is happy and my boss doesn’t yell at me as much – Bukowsky
  • SEe the Georgia Aquarium results $43,000 or Dell. – @CharityHisle
  • I’d *let* them read @comcastcares and then *make* them call Comcast Customer service – @MatthewJBrown
  • Show them the power of twitter search engine by querying their brand or company name – @aviw

Tamar Weinberg, Author, Owner,

  • Participation is marketing (coined by Chris Heuer)
  • If you’re involved in communities, you’re marketing yourself

Twitter for marketing gain

  • It’s not impossible with the right ideas
  • Out of the “box”: immediate feedback, ability to easily connect with people, fast customer service
  • API applications really got Twitter off the ground, enabling developers to make powerful applications to eventually help marketers

Generating Sales

  • Dell made $3 million over 2 years by using its Twitter stream (used specific URLs only used in Twitter)
  • Can small companies doe the same? (YES! Uses examples: Mimobot, Namecheap)

Saturated Markets and Twitter

  • Apple’s App Store: Over 80,000 apps
  • Convert: one week is all it took to become one of the top 30 paid apps
  • Twitter gave them access to an older tech savvy demographic
  • Relevant followers first, messaging later
  • Offered a freebie that complemented the product (gave away limited addition MacBook Pro)

Twitter for Customer Service

  • JetBlue’s Morgan Johnston helps Tamar all the time
  • He also helps other people
  • ComcastCares is the major case study
  • Extends to client acquisition!
  • Listen to conversation w/ competitors FULLY, then chime in

Brand Awareness

  • Zappos! Firsthand knowledge of the culture
  • One company (Oh Nuts) is finding higher SERP rankings w/ retweets

Other Communications via Twitter

  • Iran Election protests
  • Mumbai terrorist attacks
  • Hurrican Gustav via the Home Depot
  • Israel’s “Citizen’s Press Conference”

What works best?

  • Contest (brings visibility, especially using hashtags; retweets increase SEO)
  • Solid customer service (Twitter more effective than calling someone now)

Twitter Tools

  • Desktop: Seesmic Desktop, TweetDeck
  • URL shortener: HootSuite,,
  • Trends: Twitt(url)y, Twist, Twitscoop
  • Stats: TweetStats, TwitterCounter, TwInfluence, Twitter Grader
  • SocialToo

Michael Gray, President, Atlas Web Service

What are your goals?

  • Commercial accounts have different goals than personal acocunts
  • Connect with your customers, advocates, industry leaders, new customers, and detractors (don’t be afraid to connect with people who are saying bad things about you)
  • Make sales and generate leads
  • Promote content
  • Solve customer problems

How big can you make your account? You can grow even if you’re not a well known brand

Tips to grow your account

  • Tweet links to non self serving interesting content
  • Retweet the most self serving links of power users in your vertical
  • Help solve people’s problems
  • Engage with users, especially people who @ you (Remember, if you start with @, only people who follow both you and the person will see it. Use a period or words in front of the @ if you want more people to see it)
  • Don’t be a robot, tweet the occasional boring off the cuff slice of life information

Dig through other People’s Follower List

  • Use directories like Twellow, WeFollow, Mr. Tweet to find leaders in your vertical
  • Build a list of A, B, and C level people
  • Mine your followers
  • Use auto follow scripts with caution!

Automate without being a Robot

  • Look for ways to automate your Twitter activity
  • Have blog post auto tweet when they publish
  • Schedule tweets in the future with tools
  • Use virtual assistants and “grunt labor”
  • Repeat tweets for multiple timezones (Think about tweeting something in the morning one day, then the afternoon the following day)

Twitter for Traffic

  • Traffic from social media can be powerful

Twitter in the SERPs

  • While keywords may not rank, names and company names will! (Rep management)

Twitter Tools

  • TweetDeck
  • URL shortening: 301 and tracking, like
  • Twitter Hawk: paid with automatic tweets

ReTweet Tips

  • Make tweets direct and click enticing
  • Keep tweets as short as possible: try to leave 15-25 characters
  • Jump start the retweet process with your friends
  • Ask for the retweet – thank the people who do retweet
  • Be aware of multiple timezones – retweet yourself several times throughout the day
  • If more than 30 minutes has gone by without a retweet, chances are you’re not going to be retweeted
  • Retweet your best content from months/years past


  • Best practices for joining a conversation? If it’s a closed conversation (between two people), you should probably avoid it. If it’s an open topic, jump in, be funny, be natural. Make sure you add to a conversation (more than just yes/no). Be patient, sometimes when someone has a lot of followers it might take a while to get back to you.
  • Superlinks accuracy? HootSuite is being used by a lot of businesses. Superlinks is pre-beta, there are problems. What about the viral aspect? Hidden gem, you can see how many people have seen the content and give it a “thumbs up”. Many analytics are going to underreport traffic, URL shorteners might overreport because of bots.
  • 80/20 rule: 80% of focus is about the account (personal vs. company brands), 20% unrelated content.
  • Personal tweets depend entirely on comfort level
  • Follow a bunch of people to try to acquire followers? No, quality not quanity (Tamar). If you’re looking for exposure, follow everyone who follows you who isn’t a spammer (Michael). It depends on what your goals are, Chris wants to connect with people. He won’t follow 10,000 people – they are no longer “friends” then (Chris).
  • How big does a contest need to be to be worthwhile? Give away something someone wants (lowest $ amount: $25), make sure it’s something that relates to your industry.
  • How much time do you need to spend on Twitter? As much time to get you what you want, as little time as you can.