It’s All About the Click: Fundamentals of Paid Search Marketing – Webinar with George Seybold

I just watched the MarketingProfs’ webinar with George Seybold, head of Seybold Scientific, put on a great presentation on PPC basics. Here are some of my notes from the presentation:

Advertising Basics

  • Traditional Advertising – TV, radio, print; impression based
  • Banner Advertising – online equivalent of traditional advertising; impression based
  • Pay-per-click – performance based

…and they all work together…

  • Traditional – awareness, informative, branding, sales lead
  • Banner Ads – awareness, informative, branding, sales lead
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) – awareness, informative, branding, sales lead, closest point of sale
  • The way they flow:
    Awareness & Branding –> Research –> Promotion & Point of Sale

Example: Car Buying

  1. Awareness: TV, radio, search
  2. Consideration: website, brochures
  3. Point of Sale: PPC, website

Great quote from George: You have to be present to be selected.

Rules of Thumb

  • PPC is not necessarily good for…
    – building awareness
    – branding
  • PPC is good for…
    – incentive
  • Banners are great for…
    – branding

Why do we search?

  • Answer questions
  • Find information
  • Validation
  • Entertainment
  • Find products/services

How PPC providers differ

  • Cost – Google is approximately 50% more expensive than other search engines
  • Relevance – Google gets 63% of total traffic
  • Demographics – Ask heavily targets women
  • Shopping – New market entrant Bing is focused on Ecommerce
  • Psychographic – Yahoo targets the financial/news-focused


  • Lower cost per click (CPC)
  • Financial/news target
  • Attempt to drive searchers to the search engine
  • Yahoo Mail solution is very popular
  • 2nd largest search provider


  • Greatest search
  • De-facto search standard
  • Most advanced/relevant results
  • More advertiser competition, more searchers to balance
  • Largest content network (Adsense)


  • Female demographic
  • NO right hand column advertising
  • Sponsored links are (almost) indistinguishable from organic results
  • Lower CPC
  • Less overall search result


  • New! (as of about a week ago)
  • Targeted for Ecommerce
  • Freshly positioned as the “new type” of search engine
  • Hybrid of Google, Yahoo, and Ask
  • Decision-based search results

Ad Creation Basics

  • Keyword selection
    – Use descriptive words (cd player vs. cd)
    – Think like your customer (cd album vs. compact disk)
    – Balance of search volume to competition (mp3 cds vs. best cd)
    – Longer tail search term is closer to the sale (red nike tennis shoes vs. tennis shoes) 
    – Recognize terms used across other industries (CD – compact disk vs. CD – Certificate of Deposit) 
  • Can I pay for the first position in Google? No…quality score. 
  • Quality Score – Google’s algorithm for PPC, based on: 
     1. relevance of keyword
    2. performance of ad click through rate (CTR) 
  • Ad Copy
    – Needs an incentive, call-to-action
    –  Use geo-targeting (region, zip code, country, language, etc.)
  • Measurement/Goals: Google Analytics
    Focus on:
    – New visitors (should be upwards of 75%)
    – # Pages/visit
    – Bounce rate (should be less than 50%) 

Some PPC Jargon

  • Keywords – what your consumers are searching for
  • Impressions – number of times ad is presented
  • Cost-per-click (CPC) – money you pay for a click
  • Click-thru-rate (CTR) – ration of impressions/clicks
  • Conversion – reaching a desired goal

Nicki Hicks
Maine SEM 

  • Nice summary. It was a good refresher for me. I was unaware of the SE demographics.

  • Nicki,

    Thank you for the positive review. If you or any of your readers would like the actual slide deck for your own use please let me know. I am happy to provide it and any clarification on points I made during the presentation.

    All the best,

    George Seybold

  • @Marcel – I wasn’t either! Good to know, though.

    @George – Thanks for the great presentation! You had a ton of great info, thought it was a great introduction to PPC.

  • George, is the deck on slideshare by chance?