Maine SEO Project: Hernandez College Consulting (WordPress and Content Management Systems)

hernandez college consultingLast week, we finished another SEO project: for Michele Hernandez, a college consultant who helps students get admitted to Ivy League Schools. Hernandez College Consulting is the second site that, while we’ve been doing SEO work, has been ported over to a Content Mangement System (CMS).  In this case, it was WordPress.

WP is such a functional platform for SEO – I can’t say enough good things about it.  All of the great plugins are what makes my job so much easier (especially in a world where you no longer have to know HTML).  This is especially good for a business owner like Dr. Hernandez, who now has the ability to go in and change her copy, add pages or links without having to call up her developer.

Plus, there’s always the matter that search engines like content management systems.  They use CSS and are incredibly easy to crawl with all that nice, clean code.

There are a ton of benefits to have your site built on WordPress, just as there are having a college consultant.  If you want to help your child get and Ivy League education, give Dr. Michele Hernandez a call!

Nicki Hicks
Maine SEO