External Linking Tactics #smx

Moderator: Detlev Johnson, CEO, SearchReturn

Speaker: Roger Montti (AKA martinibuster), Owner, martinibuster

  • Small window for links from .edu (Spring/Fall, when schools are in session)
  • Focus: two main link building initiatives – industry heavyweight backlinks, charitable opportunities
  • .edu’s are generally desirable because: usually not in bad neighborhoods, in maps of link relationships, these pages are generally going to fall outside of relationships that are known for link manipulation and commerce, sometimes features original, authoritative and expert content (but not always), relevance
  • .edu’s to look for: hotlinks, bookmarks, links, directory, resources

Speaker: Jeff Muendel, Search and Online Marketing Analyst, NetConcepts

  • LinkedIn: three active links can be added, with modified anchor text
  • Link Building campaign – encourage employees to create LinkedIn profiles w/ publicly accessible profiles, link deeper into the site – not necessarily the homepage
  • Network in Meatspace (AKA the real world) – build relationships w/ bloggers, register and attend conferences who link to the attendees, real world meetups (meetup.com)
  • Hunting for commonalities: tools: Ranking.thumbshots.com, Aaron Wall’s hubfinder tool
  • Make donations and get links

Speaker: Debra Mastaler, President, Alliance-Link

  • Develop base links: foundational links – solid links to insulate (directories); variety of elements: blog, rss, wiki, video, photo, downloads, coupons, article, affiliate, newsletters; directory sources: Google Directory
  • Benefits: increases deep linking, uses keyword anchors, descriptive text, provides diverse text
  • Association links – chamber of commerce, associations, clubs and organizations, advocacy works, federations, etc. (for associations: weddle’s) – networking is key (mail/email to membership, provide incentive to link), buy ad space for association newsletters (paper and electronic, provide copy), develop contests, develop scholarships,
    optimize your listing in membership directory, issue press release
  • Media Links – target key journalists, backlink competitors, mine social news and bookmarking sites, set Google Alert for news and add keywords, cyberjournalist.net, Yahoo! news directory, blogcatalog, pay for sources, topix directory
  • Issue press releases – avoid free press releases, pay for distribution details and inlink reporting, highlight willingness and give interviews, look for niche distribution services (such as Biz Wiz Wire)
  • Develop and promote your onsite media resource (“news”)

Speaker: Eric Ward, CEO, EricWard.com

  • 3 killer link reclamation strategies: request 404 error log, sort 404 log data from most requested pages, look down your sorted list – but go beyond the typical ‘top 100 referrers’

Speaker: Rand Fishkin, CEO, SEOmoz

Q & A

  • Only the first link counts!!!
  • To change/kill pages, 301 redirect!!
NOTE: These notes are the major points of the presentations, and do not include every point the presenter made.