Use Article Marketing to Attract New Readers to Your Blog

You’ve been doing all the right things for promoting your blog:

  • writing quality content targeted to your audience
  • getting your blog listed in blog directories
  • leaving (intelligent) comments on related blogs
  • pinging news aggregators
  • offering RSS feeds and email feeds

and yet your traffic just isn’t climbing. What else can you try?

Have you tried article marketing? Article marketing is all about taking some of that same great content you’re putting on your blog and submitting it to an article distribution service, like iSnare, The Phantom Writers or Ezine Articles.

For a nominal fee you can distribute your articles to tens of thousands of editors who run Web sites and eZines. Along with your article you can include a "resource box" that can list your contact information, calls-to-action, and links back to your blog (or Web site.) This will help drive both visitors to your blog as well as improving it’s search engine visibility.


  • Make sure your article is keyword rich and targeted towards your audience to get qualified leads back to your blog.
  • Make your call-to-action interesting enough to get readers at other sites click on the link back to your blog.

Rich Brooks
Busing Blog Marketing