Maine Becomes First State to Pass Net Neutrality Resolve

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One state down, 49 to go.

Maine became the first state in the nation to formally recognize the importance of net neutrality. Fellow blogger Lance Duston tipped me off to Maine Is First State in Nation to Pass Net Neutrality Resolve:

Augusta- A diverse coalition of Mainers applauded the enactment
today of the first net neutrality resolve in the nation. The
resolution, LD 1675, recognizes the importance of “full, fair and
non-discriminatory access to the Internet” and instructs the Public
Advocate to study what can be done to protect the rights of Maine
internet users.

"Maine is the first state in the nation to stand up for its
citizens’ rights to a nondiscriminatory internet," said Senator Ethan
Strimling, the original sponsor of LD 1675. "The rest of the nation
should follow suit and study what can be done to protect net

Read the full release here.

Rich Brooks
One More Small Business Owner for Net Neutrality