The Business Case Against Using Gmail

First off, no business or professional should be using Gmail, or Hotmail, or an AOL in their business email address. Your professional or business email address should be from your domain name.

That goes without saying, right?

Using a free (or AOL-based) email account for business purposes makes you look unprofessional. It’s like when you get those business cards with the message on the back, "Get your own free business  cards from…" and then the name of the printer. Smacks of desperation.

However, you could have your email forward to one of these accounts, which at least hides your cheapness (most times.) I would instead recommend having your email forwarded to your POP box at your ISP or choose a hosting company that offers POP boxes.

But I digress.

There’s a very interesting article in Technology Review that Robin forwarded to me that raises privacy and security concerns on Gmail well beyond the backlash against showing ads in emails.

If you’re using Gmail, be sure to read "In Google We Trust."

Rich Brooks
Trying to "Do No Evil"

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