Technorati: How (and Why) to Claim Your Blog

If you’re a blogger, especially a business blogger, you’re going to want to "claim your blog" at Technorati.

Why would you want to claim your blog?

  • You can include your name, photo and description next to your blog on any Technorati search results. (I chose our company logo over my mug.) Technoratiresult
  • You can list your blog in up to 20 categories for Technorati’s Blog Finder, increasing your visibility.
  • You have a chance at being a featured blog appearing on Technorati’s home page.
  • You can get "cool tools."

How do you claim your blog?

  • You’ll need a free Technorati account.
  • Log into your account and click on "Blogs" at the top of the page.
  • Enter your blog URL into the Claim a Blog! box. Blogclaim_1
  • Certain blogging platforms, including TypePad, support "Quick Claim". This means you can just type in your blogging username and password (not your Technorati info) and have your blog claimed.
  • If you’re not on a platform that supports Quick Claim the next page will give you some HTML code that you can add to your blog, even if you don’t know any HTML. As detailed as the instructions are on this page… Technoratilink

    …they do neglect to mention one important fact: make sure you’re in "Edit HTML" mode rather than "Compose Post" mode, otherwise it won’t work.

  • Once you copy-and-paste that code into your blog and publish it come back to this window and click "Claim Blog Now". Technoratichecking
  • Once Technorati has confirmed that you own the blog (or have successfully hacked it) it will be "claimed." At this point you can tweak your blog profile: Technoraticonfigure
  • Although Technorati does a pretty good job of pre-populating your 20 available tags that will help your blog be found by the Blog Finder, you should add some of your own as well. In this screen you can also add some Technorati graffiti to your site, including a search box, a link to blogs that link to you (according to Technorati), your Technorati profile and your photo.

    To enable these tools you’ll need access to your templates, and a basic understanding of HTML.

  • Finally, success!

    Now all I have to do is climb my way over the backs of 34,645 other blogs to be king of the blogosphere!

Rich Brooks
Blogging My Claim, Claiming My Blog

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