Blogs vs. Web Sites: Is There a Difference?

Rich Ord, from WebProBlog, proffers that Blogs Are Just Websites, Stupid.

To paraphrase the comment I left on his blog, he brings up some interesting points, but I’m going to have to disagree.

Yes, there are a lot of similarities between blogs and Web sites; in fact, Web sites or pages are one iteration of blogging. But the URL of a blog is just one of its faces.

Many people have visited a blog without knowing it, and still don’t know what a "blog" is.

I completely agree with his belief that there will be a (further) blurring between blogs and Web sites; soon the word "blog" may become obsolete and blogging technology will integrated w/in most Web site software packages.

And yes, there’s too much buzz about blogs changing the world.

However, blogs are different than Web sites. If they weren’t, I wouldn’t be able to leave a comment on his blog. If he had trackbacks enabled, I could have created a post on my blog and seen it there…and others could have followed the conversation from one blog to another.

While I’m sure that there are technologies out there that allow all of these items on a Web site, the fact is that a good browser blogging platform allows all of this to happen easily. It creates a community of users, which has unfortunately been dubbed the blogosphere.

Also, although you can add RSS to any Web site, it’s really blogging and podcasting that have made the technology so usable for the vast majority of people. RSS, in my mind, is the biggest difference between Web sites and blogs. Without RSS, podcasts would just be downloadable audio, and that’s been around since almost the beginning of the Web.

When I talk to my clients I often bring up blogs and just as often hear, "what’s the difference between a blog and a Web site?"

My answer is evolving, but in general I say that your Web site is your portfolio; it’s the best of what you have to offer and displays your business as you want the world to see it. A blog, on the other hand, is more an ongoing conversation you have with prospects and clients. It can help you establish yourself as an expert, post information quickly, and differentiate yourself from the competition…at least right now.

So, yes, there are a lot of overlaps in what a Web site can do and what a blog can do; however, blogs are definitely not JUST Web sites.

What do you think?

Rich Brooks
Web Designer, Business Blogger

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