Whitten Properties – Maine Real Estate Listings

WhittenToday flyte launched a Web site for Whitten Properties, a locally-owned, independent real estate agency located in Southern Maine and headed up by Dave Whitten.

The site was beautifully designed by Ryan Goan with a lot of input from Lisa Fernandes, Dave’s wife. The home page is especially striking (IMHO), using Flash to blend some very dramatic views of Maine. It’s a departure from most of the real estate Web sites out there.

The site offers services for buyers (such as a property search service, featured properties & a mortgage calculator) and sellers (free market analysis and seller tips & tools.)

And, like any good flyte client, Dave’s launched his own Maine Real Estate Blog where he provides insights on buying and selling property and the real estate market in Maine. Recent posts include Why Buyers Should Care About the Bond Market and Selling in a Changing Market. (But Dave, where’s the RSS feed?) =8^)

Dave’s been a good friend of mine for years and it was a real pleasure to work with him on this Web site. There are few people I’ve met in my life who are more genuine and authentic than Dave. When he greets you and says, "You look like a million bucks!" it doesn’t come off as false praise or meaningless chatter. You look at his expression and you can see that in his eyes you do look like a million bucks! And you’ll walk away happier for the experience.

I’m guessing having him as a real estate agent would give you a similar lift. I’m stoked that he’s started his own agency and I know that he’ll do well.

Way to go, Dave!

Rich Brooks
F.O.D. (Friend of Dave)