Writing Web Copy for the Non-Copywriter

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The 11 Commandments of Writing Web CopyDo you want to attract more clients and sell more online? It’s all in the copy.

While I often recommend that businesses and professionals should hire copywriters to create the copy on their Web site, I know that sometimes this is not possible for a startup.

To that end, I’ve written The 11 Commandments of Writing Web Copy for the Non-Copywriter. This article is required reading for anyone who is:

  • tasked with putting together the copy for their company Web site,
  • wondering why their site isn’t getting good ranking at the search engines, or
  • wants to convert more visitors into clients.

Even those with experience in writing copy in the print world will benefit from Web-specific information, like how to use keyword-rich title tags, why anchor text is so important, and how to make text easier to read on a monitor.

Download your free copy today!

Rich Brooks
Maine Web Design

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