Search Engine FAQ: Why Can’t I Find My Web Site at Google?

A while back I blogged about a search engine question I often hear: My site launched today. How come I can’t find myself at Google? The short answer was that Google doesn’t actually search the Web when you perform a search, it searches its index of the Web, which could be days or even weeks old.

But wait, there’s more…

Recently, while checking out the boards at High Rankings I found a post about the so-called Google Aging Delay. According to the post, "if your site is less than 6 months old, it is being repressed on Google by some sort of aging delay."

I’ve seen some of this myself with new sites; often my blog about their site appears in the top 10 for certain searches, but the site itself does not, even though I link to them.

The post goes on to recommend putting up some sort of Coming Soon page asap and submitting it to Google if you are going to have a delay before launch…in other words, take advantage of your long incubation period.

The post also links to a longer article called Google’s Aging Delay for New Sites.

Check it out.

Rich Brooks
Perfectly Aged