PowerPoint Handouts from Business Blog Seminar

Blogs_cover_pageAddendum: Find  an updated version of these Web marketing PowerPoint slides here.

Today’s seminar on How to Plan, Build and Promote a Business Blog went well. (Except for me blanking on my opening remarks and thus skipping some ever-so-clever insights and observations.)

Despite what I might have thought, people came up to me after and told me they learned a lot. That’s always cool. If I transferred some of my enthusiasm about blogs to the people who came that’s great.

What I tried to get across is–that in the end–a business blog is just a communication tool…it can be used well or poorly. Hopefully, by the end of the presentation more people knew how to use them well.

If you’d like to take a look at my PowerPoint presentation, have at it. I have two versions: one is a PowerPoint Show (2.9MB) which you’ll need PowerPoint to run. After you download it you may need to open it in PowerPoint as opposed to just double-clicking on it. I haven’t figured out why.

The other is a PDF of the handouts. It weighs in at a meaty 7.7MB. Why? Because there’s a lot of screen captures and I didn’t bother resizing all of them before adding them to PowerPoint because I ran out of time. Maybe I’ll go back and fix it sometime in the future.

These will only be available for download until 5/25/05, so grab ’em while they last.

  • Business Blog Seminar – PowerPoint Show (2.9MB PPS)
  • Business Blog Seminar – PowerPoint Handouts (7.7MB PDF)

Remember: If you have trouble opening the PowerPoint Show, first launch PowerPoint, then through PowerPoint open the show.

Addendum (5/22/05): Because I’ve received a lot of positive feedback and links from some of the luminaries of blogging–people whom I’ve learned, borrowed and stolen from–such as T.L. Pakii Pierce, Patsi Krakoff and Denise Wakeman, and Priya Shah, I’m going to keep these up until Friday, May 27th.

Part of the reason I don’t want to keep these up forever is because I’m already rethinking my approach for the presentation. I want to talk more about how business blogging can fit into one’s online marketing campaigns and provide more examples. I also want to focus more on RSS, which I think may be the most powerful component of blogging.

This was version 1.0, and just like your baby photos, you don’t want them brought out by your parents when you have your date over.

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Addendum (5/30/05): Thanks for everyone who download the presentations. At this point I’ve taken them offline. When I have the new and improved versions, I’ll post those to this blog.

If you want to be alerted when that happens, be sure to subscribe to this blog through the subscription box (near the top right) or syndicate this site through a newsreader. Thanks!

Rich Brooks
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