CHART Metalworks Christens Responsive E-Commerce Site

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The Client:

CHART Metalworks creates custom nautical-themed jewelry “for you to tell your own story.”

The Objective:

Promote and sell more nautical jewelry through a redesigned e-commerce site.

The Tools:

The site was build on WordPress. The shopping cart is Shopp. The design and development came from flyte new media.

The Outcome: 

CHART Metalworks re-launched their e-commerce website that showcases their products, custom jewelry options, and upcoming events and new products. It features custom pieces, best sellers, gift cards, and a blog.

Responsive Web Design = Mobile Friendly

Since a growing percentage of CHART Metalworks’ customers and info seekers have mobile devices in tow, the site was built to be responsive. That way, it’s optimized for desktops, tablets and smart phones or whatever size screen is being used.

Site visitors can…

Order Custom Pieces: This page lets visitors add custom coordinates to map necklaces, map earrings, map bracelets, accessories for the home and body and menswear.

Purchase Gift Cards: The new CHART site has a page to let customers purchase gift cards in various denominations and send electronically for purchase via the website or at their brick and mortar store.

Purchase Pre-Made Best Sellers: Check out what items are the most popular and order them directly from the page with options for gift wrapping, engraving, and rush shipping.

How CHART Does It

Check out this video of how CHART helps you tell your story.

Is It Working?

Just the other day we got this nice (unsolicited!) note from John:

“Since the launch of our flyte e-commerce site internet sales are up 32% in less than a month! Thanks, guys!

–John Guptill
CHART Metalworks”

Be sure to visit CHART Metalworks if you want to wear your favorite territory as jewelry, create a custom jewelry piece for someone special, and flyte new media if you need to navigate through an update or redesign of your own website. ;)

Rich Brooks
Anchors Away!

30 Essential Travel Apps You Can’t Leave Home Without

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Business Travel AppsThis post is sponsored by Visa Small Business, but the opinions are all mine, and any comments are all yours.

Sometimes Skype or Google Hangouts aren’t enough. You need to press the flesh and look right into your customers’ eyes.

For times like that, you need to leave your office and meet face to face. Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or automobile, there are plenty of apps to make your next business trip as effective and affordable as possible.

Here are 30 essential travel apps to maximize the ROI of  your next business trip. 


Hipmunk is the fastest, easiest way to plan travel. They compare all the top travel sites so you don’t have to. Plus, you can save up to 60% off hotels with their Tonight Deals.

Platforms: iOS, Android

Cost: Free


Thanks, Joan!

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Joan CrockerWishing you the best, Joan, in your next adventure!

This week marks the last week that we’ll enjoy Joan Crocker as a full time employee here at flyte. And, perhaps more importantly, her dog, George. ;)

What’s Joan been up to?

She’s been working with many of our clients on their digital marketing needs. For the past two years she’s handled their SEO, doing keyword analyses and creating keyword matrices for our copywriters to help them rank higher in the search engines.

She’s run their Facebook advertising campaigns. Scheduled their tweets. Helped them read their Google Analytics.  Strategized with them to help them reach their business objectives.

In short, she’s helped flyte’s clients increase their online visibility, drive more qualified traffic to their websites, and convert more of that traffic into leads and business.

She’s famous within the office for her competitiveness, robot dance, and commitment to health and wellness.

In fact, I remember when she was first applying for the job. One of the questions I ask is if a candidate has any personal goals, as opposed to professional ones. She said that she wanted to get in better shape.

Apparently she succeeded. She’s leaving the flyte crew to pursue her passion.

What’s next?

GeorgeAs she posted recently, she changed her life and her health. She lost 30 pounds and nearly 25″ in 60 days with Insanity and Shakeology. She’s going all in with Beachbody, helping other people achieve their health and fitness goals.

However, we’re not losing her entirely!

Joan will be staying on for a while as an independent contractor while she ramps up her Beachbody business, and we finish interviews for someone to fill her position.

So really, this is more of a farewell than a goodbye.


Joan, I know I speak for the rest of the flyte crew when I say that we loved having you in the office, we’ll miss seeing George every day, and we thank you for the time you gave us.

Now go kick some ass!

Rich Brooks
I promised myself I wouldn’t cry…

This One Tool Will Help You Reach More Customers, Guaranteed

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This One ToolThe purpose of your business blog is to attract your ideal customers.

But if you’re not using their language, they’ll never find you. Here’s how you can use a free tool to uncover what they’re searching for, jump on emerging trends, and generate more leads for your business.

Hair replacement or restoration?

A while ago I was doing some research for a hair restoration company. They often used the terms “hair replacement” and “hair restoration,” and I was curious to find out which phrase was more likely to attract their ideal customer.

I went over to Google Trends, a free tool that lets you review search volume over time. It also allows you to compare one term with another. I plugged in hair replacement and hair restoration and discovered that restoration slightly beat out replacement.


How to Take Better Photos With Your Smartphone

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207-Better-smartphone-photosWhere do we start in terms of taking better photos?

Almost every smartphone comes with a camera right now. It’s built in and then there’s the native camera app. So one thing if you’re interested in taking better pictures is upgrading that app to something else.

There are a few good apps and some basic photography techniques that can elevate your boring blurry selfies and out-of-focus food shots into minor masterpieces.

To learn how to take better pictures with your smart phone, check out the video.


Attorney Marketing: SEO and Social Media for Lawyers

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Attorney Internet MarketingLawyers and attorneys have unique challenges when it comes to Internet marketing. Here’s how you can reach more prospects for your law firm with SEO and social media.

When I was out in San Diego at Social Media Marketing World a few months back I met Bill Turley from Trust Based Lawyer Marketing. Together we did a brief interview on how lawyers could better market themselves online. You can watch the video or read the transcript below.


David vs. Goliath: Taking on Big Competitors with Social Media

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David-Vs-Goliath-Social-Media-PinterestThis post is sponsored by Visa Small Business, but the opinions are all mine, and any comments are all yours.

In honor of Small Business Week, I’ve written a post on how you can compete with big corporations by leveraging social media. Read on…

How can you compete against giant corporations with entire departments dedicated to marketing and seemingly bottomless pockets for advertising?

In Malcolm Gladwell’s recent book, David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits and the Art of Battling Giants, he leads with the famous story of the shepherd boy who killed a seemingly unbeatable warrior with a simple sling.

We all know the story, and it’s often brought up as an inspirational tale of how we can triumph against insurmountable odds and defeat a superior competitor. It’s a story about miraculous wins.

But Gladwell reframes the story.


The 11 Commandments of Creating Compelling Web Copy for the Non-Copywriter

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11-commandments-writing-pinterest-font2Whether you’re creating your first website or revamping your current site, the most critical piece is the copy. It’s also the most time consuming, difficult, and frustrating for the average small business owner.

Good web copy is search engine friendly, easy to read or scan, and persuades your visitor to take action. If you’ve never written copy specifically for the web, we’ve put together some tips to help your copy be all it can be.

What follows are the 11 Commandments for Writing Copy for the Non-Copywriter.

I. Hire a copywriter.

I know—these are the 11 Commandments for the do-it-yourselfer. So why am I bothering to tell you to hire a copywriter?

I hear it all the time from business owners we work with:

  • No one knows my business like I do.
  • I don’t want to spend the money on a copywriter because I know how to write.
  • The copy will write itself.

Let’s look at your objections one at a time.  (more…)

Raising Resilient Children and Teens in the Digital World

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Raising Resilient Children and Teens in the Digital WorldMore schools are giving students laptops and tablets. Many students–regardless of grade–have cell phones in the classroom. What can we do to make sure our children are becoming good, digital citizens?

This is a little off topic for the flyte blog. We’re usually about how to can build your business online.

But recently I had the opportunity to present side-by-side with my dad, Dr. Robert Brooks.

My dad is a well-respected author and keynote presenter on topics of resilience in children and adults. He speaks all over the world in front of schools and business groups, sharing the importance of resilience.

When the Oak Hill School in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, asked him to present on the topic of Raising Resilient Children and Teens in the Digital World, he asked me if I’d like to participate.

My dad took the first half of the presentation, speaking on the importance of raising resilient children, developing “islands of competence,” and the role of the charismatic adult in a child’s life. I then took many of those ideas and talked about how to use them in the digital world.

My presentation also focused on my work with Catherine McAuley High School and the Social Media Club that I helped start.

The entire presentation, including Q&A, was over 90 minutes, so feel free to chunk it up for easier watching. ;) My dad’s a great presenter, though, and you should definitely check him out.

By the way, my dad and I are available to offer this presentation to other school systems. We also do weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.

Rich Brooks
Son of Dr. Robert Brooks

15 Ways Video Helps You Generate More Online Leads

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Video Lead GenerationAdding online video to your marketing efforts can generate more leads and sales for your small business. Here’s how.

Are you ready for your close up? Don’t worry, even if you’re not, you can still increase your online visibility and generate more online leads through video. Adding video to your marketing mix doesn’t need to break the bank, either. If you’re reading this post on a smart phone, tablet, or laptop, chances are you already have all the equipment you need to get started in online video. Below I’ve outlined fifteen ways that video can help you generate leads for your business. So read through this post, take a deep breath, and hit record!

1. Video improves your search engine visibility.

You’ve seen it before. You do a search and the top three results are all videos. Google and Bing want to show your video as part of the mix. In fact, if your competitors consistently beat you at the search engines and they’re not using video, adding video to your marketing mix might be the best way to leap frog them in the page one results.  (more…)